The cable guy’s formulas: Technician claiming to your workplace for moment Warner Cable is actually telling all on Reddit

The cable guy’s formulas: Technician claiming to your workplace for moment Warner Cable is actually telling all on Reddit

Somebody claiming become a Time Warner cable tv professional happens to be spilling methods on Reddit.

Opportunity Warner Cable, the second-largest service of television and online sites in the usa, taught Quartz that it really is exploring the listings. “We’re incapable of validate if the people is really a present or original staff,” a spokesman believed.

Reddit customer cableguy_the moving an “Ask me personally such a thing” (AMA) thread, publishing picture of his own identification document badge and uniform as purported proof of their job. His solutions to the questions being available in are incredibly candid. Check out shows (typos safeguarded).

On Comcast’s pending exchange time Warner cable tv:

We wish the merger as the newest collection in control might worst recently record. Many getting discharged from unworkable metrics. Most of the strength has become for support representatives and stripped-down through the people who really head over to residences and correct challenges . It’s in pretty bad shape plus the corporation is powered like dump IMHO [in my own modest view].

About pressure between professionals and support service interpreter:

Yea customer care staff and technicians are actually combating a battle that not one person considers. We all dread these people, these people loathe usa. The two inform users the problem is the tools with regards to rarely is definitely. Most people determine subscribers to only overlook just what dude from the cell states because it is likely that very good, he has never bound a house, strung a drop or addressed wire.

On what’s really wrong with your connections:

Don’t trust 50percent of precisely what the representative of the phone informs you. Just set up the techie. Allow him or her run. He’s performed this in the past. The agent just addresses cell phones. It’s rarely the apparatus evoking the concern.

Regarding the mystery to obtaining much better support:

If a tech comes ,ask for his own superiors amounts. Tell him it’s just not burning your but to elevate a problem. He could call his sup to make sure its cool but that can help.

On what’s preventing quicker internet obtain rates:

Frankly, standard analogue cable tv. It takes up sooo much bandwidth . 1 network per consistency vs connecting numerous wavelengths to produce 8 programs for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we move 100percent digital tv.. websites will have faster. Likewise obstruction. If you are living around a college it is what lies ahead . Grandma may also use the woman 15 meg for e-mail and searching but youthful Johnny college kid slurps within the data transfer in your neighborhood making use of netflix and torrenting and games. However these people pay equivalent. IMHO what can correct this could be capping facts and providing everybody uncapped increase.

On the reasons why splitting your own wire association was a bad idea:

Putting in a splitter just to attenuate the indicate certainly foolish you actually have issues called attenuators that this without incorporating unnecessary splitter. But it’s correct that continuously indicator is equally as poor as deficiency of we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his own career:

I would staying fired dependant upon whom draws me personally. I may go for an additional benefit its so hard to tell making use of the approach this manufacturer is currently organized.

How Wi-Fi indicators include untrustworthy, and can generally be vanquished by doors and structure:

Yes very true. Plaster structure especially.Solid wood side, getting into a garage after the network router is included in the other flooring or the other way round. Wi-fi was a fickle animal.

Individual “broken” line modem:

Yea we listen this lots. I might talk about in specific spring I would personally declare 5per cent with the modems We changed are truly defective. We all do many canine and pony program and just swap it at any rate. The issue is typically maybe not machines linked. Modems either work or they don’t. You will find very small around. These are typically rather easy gadgets. I have show clients using my laptop every single escort girls in Allen TX thing working okay, subsequently turn back once again to their devices and each and every thing visits shit. They still desire a brand new modem..Its insanity.