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The reason some Nigerian guys has a glucose Mummy?

The reason some Nigerian guys has a glucose Mummy?

How to locate glucose mummy in Lagos

The search desserts mummies specifically actual. So real, and also this is the essential reason why you are actually in this specific article, pursuing what are sweet meals mummy in Lagos.

First off, that’s a sugar mummy?

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To Nigerians, a sweet foods mummy was actually a woman, a great lady only exactly who will pay vibrant, competent and strong guys to fall asleep together with this lady. Many times, glucose mummies are particularly earlier. They may be actually within their 1960s. But, they generally want a take proper care of themselves potentially. Theyve the cash anyway.

They’re going to probably be outfitted like theyre still-young people & most most likely are without partners on their own. Definitely, deficiency of a men in their home to sleep them is just why they go in lookup of more youthful, capable individuals to meet their unique coital advises. In direction of glucose mummies, its a win-win situation considering that the people are well-paid when it comes to their particular services.Leer más »The reason some Nigerian guys has a glucose Mummy?